ABSTRACTS of the presentations appear below, in order of presentation.

Prof Balázs Gulyás: Grand challenges in exploring the human brain: The mind-body problem

Prof Vivienne Russell: The history of African neuroscience

Prof Maureen Sie: The moral brain: neuroscience, free will and moral agency

Prof Martijn van den Heuvel: Exploring brain wiring: from neurons to networks

Prof Willem Hendrik Gispen: The roots of Western brain research

Prof Tshilidzi Marwala: Artificial intelligence

Dr Iris Oren: Neuronal Circuit Mechanisms of Memory in Health and Disease

Prof Kevan Martin: The behavioural architecture of the neocortex

Prof Konstantin Anokhin: Animal mind and cognition

Prof Monica DiLuca: New aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis: from amyloid to synaptic dysfunction

Prof Frans Verstraten: The brain as a gambler with a lot of prior knowledge

Dr Christine Gispen-de Wied: Emerging Drug Therapies in Alzheimer’s Disease

Prof Hans Bertens: Literary art and the problem of language

Dr Darya Zabelina: The benefits of ‘leaky’ attention: what science has to say about mind-wandering, attention, and creativity

Yewande Omotoso: Where fiction comes from: telling lies and other creative work

Taga F Nuwagaba: Art, voice and thought in Uganda

Brendon Bussy: Silent noise / noisy silence

Prof Ron de Kloet: Stress, Resilience and the Brain

Prof Carmen Sandi: The Emergence of Aggression – Roles of Stress and Neuroplasticity

Prof Suzy Styles: Letting the Hitchhiker Drive: How Language Modulates Brain Development, Shapes Sensation, and Co-creates Conscious Experience

Prof Jack van Honk: A Rosetta Stone for Social and Affective Neuroscience

Prof Larry Young: Oxytocin and the Natural Mechanisms of Social Attachment, Social Loss and Empathy-related Behaviors: Implications for Autism

Dr Minet de Wied: Mimicry and empathy: representations of the social brain

Dr Georgina Spies: HIV infection and early life stress: effects on brain morphometry and neurocognitive function


A desktop version of all the abstracts can be downloaded here.



(c) Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study

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